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Mr. Marvels: A forgotten Theme Park

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Mr. Marvels also known as Scarborough Fair opened in 1984 shortly after the closure of Zoo & Marineland. The doors closed for good in 2002. During the period between 1993-2000 I supplied several images of the site for use in the Tourist Guide.

Since 2007 I have been recording the gradual disintegration of this once popular attraction. There have been various rumours of development, but to date non have materialized.

Much of the site became a dumping ground for the earth removed to make the new swimming pool, Alpamare.

Any last remnants underneath, are now resigned to become tomorrows archaeology.

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1 Comment

Aug 07, 2021

My mates aunty used to work at Marvels in the early 90s on The Smugglers Inn ghost house. We would dress in black and scare tourists in it. We would hide in the shadows and pretend to be animatronic ghosts in there. We'd get free day tickets for the rides and spend all weekend there. I actually worked there for a day in 1999 on the dodgems, the weather was a monsoon and the place was empty. It was sad to see it's demise. The Jimmy Savile artwork in the photos was done by Rob Thompson, I said to him he should do t-shirts with it on, slightly before Savile died and got outed for noncing.

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