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The Last Posts

For millennia the shores of this island have been vulnerable from the sea, if not from invaders then from the sea itself, a destructive force relentlessly pounding our often inadequate defences. Spurn Point, Britain’s newest island, at the mouth of the Humber estuary, is made up from boulder clay eroded from the Holderness coastline. As climate change takes it’s natural course we try, often in vain, to avoid the inevitable. Wooden groynes, constructed to reduce the drift of the silt, look tired and worn after their years of hard work, but will never be replaced. In this ever changing landscape, imagination and inspiration go hand in hand, new possibilities are uncovered with every visit...

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 When the weather lets you down, it is a perfect opportunity to create something indoors. Flowers and plants offer readily available ammunition, and before you know it, four hours have drifted away. These images have been taken with a square format in mind, when mounted and framed, they can be displayed on the wall as a series with a common theme. (see image) Professional Interior designers or creative homemakers are my target audience here.

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Wandering about in the woods during spring and summer, is not only theraputic, it is also a source for one of the most prolific, and photogenic wild plants...the Fern. As with the Flora collection these would make great images for the wall.

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Another ‘Indoor’ day prompted me to photograph the fossils we have collected over the years. Lit only with a small torch to add drama, and highlight specific detail, this collection offers several combination possibilities, and like Flora & Ferns, can make an ideal series for the wall.

Fossils 7
Landscapes- B&W 11
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Landscapes In B&W

Landscapes in Black & White, Whitby Abbey, Forbidding Northumberland Castles, Lighthouses, Isolated Trees, Wide rippled beaches, Marram Grasses and Dunes. Atmospheric Dark and moody Fine art Images, a talking point for any visitor to your home.

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Safe House

Observing chimpanzees in captivity. Wildlife parks and animal sanctuaries provide pseudo-real environments for endangered or abused animals. In their natural habitat they are exposed to many dangers, mainly from human intervention in the form of deforestation and poaching. The apes I have observed seem oblivious to their confinement and actually thrive as a result of it.

Safe House 8
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Highland Cow

One of my most popular Images, taken in Scotland a few years ago. This Image hangs in my dining room. When the sun shines through the blinds it draws your eye straight to it. The Image is available in two sizes: A2 & A3... the A3 is an open run, whereas the A2 is a limited edition of 125. View the Image here in the Animals section, where you will find more black & white and colour prints for sale. 

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Cars:Classic & Unusual

Unusual angles of unusual cars, ideal for people with an interest in unique cars from classic eras.

CarArt 3
Landscapes- Colour 2
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Landscapes In Colour

Fine art photography...in colour. Various locations, various subjects, this time breaking away from my signature Black & White.

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Nature In Colour

Schemes up and down the country are encouraging farmers to grow wild flower hedgerows, which provide good habitats for wild animals, and attract pollinators such as Bees and Butterflies. They are extremely colourful to look at as well. My answer to stress is a walk ,with camera, down country lanes hunting out and photographing splashes of colour found in the hedgerows, then making fine art prints for sale.

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There are many things on a beach that make great photographs, colourful seaweed, shells, barnicles, starfish and stones balanced precariously on minute sand dunes, whipped up by surface wind.

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On a recent road trip around France, I came across several of the most beautiful Carousels. Many of the town squares in France still accommodate these well preserved rides...mostly antique, they have a strange sinister look. The Carousel originated from a game played by Knights during the Crusades. They would gallop in a circle throwing balls to each other in preparation for battle, the reason they are also known as Gallopers.

Carousel 1

Greetings Cards

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...there is a Minimum order requirement of 4 cards,
(£10 inc. P&P U.K. only) 
 they can be all the same or different design combinations.
£2.50 Each
PaulAnthonyWilson Greetings Cards 28 Bam