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North Bay Chalets

In 2007 the North Bay corner complex, kiosks, swimming pool and chalets were earmarked for demolition to make way for a combined complex of Hotel and Cinema, Holiday flats and new chalets.

To date (November 2020) the Holiday flats and new chalets have been built, a long way from the original intentions.

This kiosk sold the best waffles I had ever tasted...

As demolition commenced I took a few images for my archive. I do not know how the existing owners/ tenants stood on a legal basis, but the remarks written on the chalet doors indicated annoyance at the council.

As they may be difficult to decipher as small images, each have the wording, as written, underneath.

Don’t knock the chalets down. Keep our chalets please.

How could you

I love (heart) my chalet

H8 you how could you do this to me

Dear Council,

U R selfish your c*** thinking of the people who own these chalets your thinking of yourselves All you want is the money from the apartments.

The Chalet owners

Knok me down. I’m boring not.

X marks the spot. Just think how much happiness these chalets brought us. How could u be so cold.

Demolition of the Open Air Swimming Pool

New chalets and flats September 2009


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