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Jailbirds: Just for a day

‘Jailbirds’ (just for a day))

‘Jailbirds’ is a small selection of images, part of a larger series documenting agricultural shows in North Yorkshire, in the north of England.

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn these shows enable farmers to show their rare breed livestock and arable crops with a view to new business. Various ‘spin off’ disciplines such as gymkhana, sheep dog trials, ploughing, farm produce and horseshoeing demonstrations, draw in the general public...

The ‘Fur & Feather’ marquee is always popular, rows of cages housing hundreds of perfectly manicured chickens, ducks, pigeons, rabbits and guinea pigs. When roaming free, getting close to these elusive birds is often a challenge. These ‘temporary jails’ allow access, and the ability to see and photograph them in great detail.

This is an ongoing project, when all the parts come to fruition and are combined, they will form an extensive snapshot of rural heritage in North Yorkshire, England. It will be called ‘Show.’

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