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A Paradise Lost

I am not a religious man. Is there a higher power? Why Coronavirus? Why Asian flu? Why Spanish flu? Why Black plague? Why earthquakes? Why Tsunami’s? Why war? Why did Mount Vesuvius erupt? Throughout history tragedy has been bestowed on the human race with mystifying regularity.

Paradise Lost a Poem written by John Milton, published in 1667, was an attempt to make sense of a fallen world. It began...with the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Are we still being punished for the defiance of Eve? Are we still being defiant? During the most recent catastrophe, measures were put in place to try and reduce the spread of a deadly virus. Incredulously there were large swathes of the population who ignored these initiatives, resulting in many deaths. Even now, just prior to a second lock down being enforced, there are pockets of selfish people denying the existence of a virus at all. There will be many more deaths. Will there be empty shelves in the supermarkets again? Will avarice take over once again? or was it there all the time? There is evidence in all walks of life that destruction is part of our make-up, the abuse of the environment is a perfect example. Is Coronavirus yet another warning? A high price...for such a small apple?

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