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Truth Hurts

Technology has facilitated huge steps forward for mankind. Mankind on the other hand seems to be regressing. Truth Hurts bears witness to the everyday failings of British society with a disregard for its surroundings — and themselves.

The NHS is an institution under siege — from obesity. ‘Fattism’ has become a taboo subject no-one wants to address. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. The truth is — the population is eating itself to death. Type 2 diabetes, cancer, coronary related illnesses and mental issues are reaching endemic levels. Funds and morale are already at breaking point — how long before the NHS is no more? ‘Biting off the hand that feeds them’ springs to mind.

The Inability to work is another problem. The Social security purse — straining at the seams.

Our town and city services are provided by Local government. Local authorities are constantly vilified by the public for their ineptitude and inefficiency — which on occasion could be true — but why?… Money. They are expected to run our towns on self generated budgets, revenue from rates and car parks etc. Not always enough to go round.

Since the smoking ban, the streets have become awash with cigarette butts — where once they were the responsibility of a Landlord, or confined to specific areas in the workplace — they now live in between the paving slabs. Motorised street cleaners just sweep them into inaccessible areas — and there they stay. Not only are outside spaces plagued by the ‘light-up brigade’ small businesses — such as Cafes and Bars — have taken it upon themselves to provide seating areas —for their clients — often on the pavement or even the road.

Refuse collection and disposal is a huge drain on reserves. Bins are emptied on an alternate week basis by which time they are overflowing. Scavengers and the wind work in harmony to distribute this litter far and wide — just one of the many ways plastic ends up in our oceans. Verges at the side of the road and motorways are constantly strewn with rubbish — the clean-up eats away at depleted funds already earmarked elsewhere.

Shopping trolleys belong in the supermarket car park — not in a pond, on a beach or abandoned in the street. Retrieval is expensive — cheaper to write them off. Who bears the cost? — the council.

Graffiti is a great art form — in an allocated area… tags are a nuisance.

Racial and Homophobic ‘hate slogans’ daubed on walls and signs — not only offensive — are expensive to remove.

Since the monumental rise of the mobile phone, telephone boxes are a thing of the past remove them. How do visitors see this once icon of our capital city? Advertising space for the sex trade and a place for rough sleeping.

All of this ‘antisocial’ behaviour inevitably comes at a price — who pays? The working public do.

Offensive ‘detritus’ for all to see — including children — is displayed unashamedly — surely this is

unacceptable? The sad truth is — inappropriate behaviour is commonplace. Who cares?” or “get a life,” are the normal responses to any ‘challenge.’

During these days of austerity — partly brought on by a hedonistic lifestyle — indifference sets in, creating a selfish attitude. Exacerbated by living beyond their means this couldn’t care less every man for himself’ generation — are oblivious to the destructive impact they are having on the environment. That is… until it effects them.

Tomorrow’s adults eventually tomorrow’s parents have the opportunity to learn a better way. Educating children and young adults — starting at primary age has to be the way forward. Finding effective ways to improve our relationship with the environment. Engaging with them creatively. This solution isn’t new. However, a more intensive approach is required. The Inclusion of environmental studies in the curriculum. Art, Environment and Associated Economics perhaps?