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Funfair : Smell,Listen,See.

As a child I loved the fairground. Waiting for it to arrive was like Christmas. Memories seem to be always associated with colour — ordinary days were mostly grey.


Close your eyes

And smell,

Burgers onions do-nuts — diesel, grease, oil,

Hot dogs on the boil,

Merged — in one — the only one — aroma of the fair.



Music over music — all vying for your ear,

Hiss, beat, hiss, talk, scream, rap, hiss, shout,

what is that hiss about?

Claxon! — the ride comes alive,

will I survive?

Hold tight riders— here we go,”

Do you wanna go faster?”

Don’t let go.


The lights the lights…

Red —green — blue,

Yellow —green— white,


Flashing bright,

Shining through — their friend — the night.



Open your eyes…

Oh my God where am I? — all I see is sky.

The floor’s up there,

Then it’s ground,

Then it spins,

Around — around — around!