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These are a few of my successful images.

Digital Photographer Magazine: Digital Black & White Photographer of the Year 2007.

Angel Of The North.







British Life Photography Awards 2015: Highly Commended
Burning the Heather.
Travelling towards Middlesbrough on the North Yorkshire moors I noticed huge plumes of smoke billowing into the air, it turned out to be controlled Heather burning. Carried out between April and October this stimulates new growth, providing good grazing for sheep and an ideal habitat for wild birds. I placed the ‘beater’ in the bottom corner to provide scale and show the enormity of the scene.



British Life Photography Awards 2015: Highly Commended
Mind The Gap.
It was one of those moments when you knew something was about to happen.
I was on the other side of a busy road — the two window dressers were about to move the mannequin by holding it’s bottom. I had a wide angle lens on the camera — too far away for a good shot — I crossed the road at a run (dodging traffic) and managed one shot before they realised I was there. They both laughed. When I arrived home I sent a copy to the shop — they replied saying it was framed and up on the wall.




British Life Photography Awards 2015: Commended
I was photographing the ‘Reading of the Charter’ at the Seamer horse fair. These two brothers kept asking me to take their picture, the older of the two grabbed the younger in a headlock — and made him laugh revealing his missing teeth — I couldn’t resist and managed a couple of shots before they ran off chasing each other.



British Life Photography Awards 2015: Highly Commended
Very Little Helps.
A visit to the seaside can often be marred by the weather. Some people however are determined to brave the elements. I saw these two holiday makers making the best of a wet day on Scarborough’s promenade. Perhaps this will catch on as a way of recycling used carrier bags.



British Life Photography Awards 2015: Commended
No Dogs Allowed.
Last minute shopping two days before Christmas. The owner went in to buy something from the shop — the dog tried to follow but wasn’t allowed. I approached quietly and close to the wall — not wanting to spook the animal — I managed one shot before the dog was ushered back into the street. Luckily there were no other people around to clutter and spoil the background.





Digital Camera Magazine
Out there challenge…‘Your Mission’  Phone Box : winner.
Phone boxes are disappearing from our streets, so I decided to record this one. I wanted an unusual view so I decided to capture a wide angle from the floor. There wasn’t enough room for a tripod, so I laid my camera on the floor, set the timer, stood back and let it take its own picture.



Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photographer of the year  2008 still life: ’straws’ 9th place








Digital Photographer of the year 2008 buildings and architecture: ‘ Stairway to the Baltic’ 7th place.





Digital Photographer of the year 2008  Portraits: ‘ Gypsy Leo’








Digital Photographer of the year 2009  Close-ups: ‘Sniff’ 3rd place






Digital Photographer of the year 2009 Winter ’Dedicated Fisherman’ 6th place






Digital Photographer of the year 2009 Low Light: ‘DNA’ 5th place






Digital Photographer of the year 2010 Natural world:’ Our Daily Bread’
This particular sheath caught my eye because of it’s unusual shape. Backlighting from the sun created a pleasing rim light,  this coupled with a shallow depth of field made the details stand out.







Digital Photographer of the year 2011 around the world: ‘The Louvre’
I was visiting the Louvre in Paris. I looked at the pyramid for a shot and saw the juxtaposition created by the straight angles in the pyramid and the curves of the staircase.This gave me that something special I was looking for. I didn’t have to wait long for a silhouetted figure to climb the stairs and give the image an added focal Point.



Digital Photographer of the year 2012 The Natural World: ‘Two elephants’
Elephants are sociable creatures and this is their way of saying hello I saw the interaction between the two but only had a few seconds to capture the shop before they moved apart.




Digital Photographer of the year 2012 Portraits : ‘ Buster’
I often see dogs looking out of windows guarding their territory.So I decided to construct an image like that. Made up of three photographs, the first was a studio shot of Buster, the  second a window on the first floor of a building site and the background was a shot of a concrete wall.



Digital SLR User

Digital Slr User 2008 kitchen still life competition. ‘Cheese Grater’  2nd place






Digital Slr User 2010  Readers Gallery: ‘ Shifty’








Bomber Command: ‘Spirit of Bomber Command’
Rear Gunner.