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About me


Born in the North East in 1956... still based in the North East.

My Partner Lynne and I had embarked on several travel adventures during the early 80s. At that time I had little knowledge or indeed the equipment to take decent photographs, a plastic 'Minigrip' 110 cartridge camera was all I could afford and the resulting images were nothing more than blurred memories, very disappointing.

I bought my first ‘proper’camera in 1986, a Praktica MTL5, a couple of lenses and a how to do it book. It was never my intention to become a photographer, but after a little luck and loads of hard graft..... it just happened.

One of my preferred photographic genres, fine art landscapes in black & white, has by chance become something of a trademark, I would describe them as 'landscapes with a documentary edge'.

My observational photography on The Streets’ or capturing those one off moments that ‘Animals do’, I hope one day will also reach a larger audience.

Almost three decades on and several very much appreciated awards later, my enthusiasm hasn't waned in the slightest, in fact quite the opposite, each new challenge makes the finishing line seem even further away.